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MRA Position Statements – Released May 22, 2012

Statement on the MRA’s position with regard to the
Mimico 20/20 Consultation meeting scheduled for May 29th, 2012

While the MRA appreciates that residents are being given the opportunity to participate in the process, we are concerned that:

  1. The meeting is not being held in Mimico.
  2. It reached maximum capacity in nine days, meaning that residents who wish to provide feedback will not have the opportunity to do so.
  3. The number of participants may not be large enough to be representative of the entire community.
  4. It appears that community feedback is only being requested on built form.

To accommodate residents who were unable to attend the May 29th meeting, we request that this meeting be held on a second date, as follows:

  1. Scheduled in June.
  2. Located within Mimico’s boundaries.
  3. Formal opportunity for community feedback on all aspects of the plan. In addition, we request that an online survey be developed and distributed to capture broader local audience participation.

Statement on the MRA’s position with regard to the
Mimico 20/20 exercise

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to be consulted by the City and receiving the framework provided for the discussion during the May 29th, 2012 meeting.

The MRA hopes that all of the building blocks presented will receive discussion and be open for input. The contextual background document provided suggests that only input on the BUILT FORM is being requested from residents.

In order for residents to be prepared, we encourage the City to post their land use revitalization continuum map for land use planning prior to the May 29th meeting.

Statement on the MRA’s position with regard to the
May 29th, 2012 community meeting – Built Form

At the May 29th meeting, the City is seeking community input on height and massing in Mimico.

The MRA’s position is that we strongly oppose having building heights and densities similar to Humber Bay Shores in Mimico.

In the light of this situation, we request that an appropriate height restriction by-law be developed for each individual zone, suitable for each unique part of the neighbourhood as well as the overall infrastructure.

We ask that community consultation regarding adequate parkland, spacing and height restrictions be considered.

Statement on the MRA’s position with regard to the
Longo Group’s “Telephone Town Hall” Community Consultation

While the MRA appreciates the Longo Group engaging the community, we question the objectives as well as the effectiveness of conducting Town Hall Meetings via telephone. Until the objectives and process are clarified, we do not support this method of consultation.

We encourage the Longo Group to continuing seeking community feedback and invite them to consider other methods of communication. As well, the MRA Board would be pleased to host a meeting the Longo Group.

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