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MRA Letters to Ministry of Environment and ML Ready Mix

Sent: April 11, 2014

Dolly Goyette
Regional Director, Central Region
Ontario Ministry of the Environment
8th floor, 5775 Yonge Street
North York ON  M2M 4J1

Dear Ms. Goyette,

The Board of the Mimico Residents Association (MRA) is concerned about the height of the new acoustic fence in front of ML Ready Mix at 29 Judson Street, and its effect on the immediate residents’ living conditions. We appreciate the increase in fence height is part of MOE’s effort to reduce the noise and ability to view the MLRM operation.

However, its height and associated shading effect on the residents in the immediate will be significant. Also, there has been no consideration of street esthetics. As well, the species of trees already planted along the heightened fence will not thrive due to the reduction of sunlight.

This structure exemplifies a process that has produced a result which, at great cost, has not improved or alleviated the situation. Activity noise intensity has not been dampened and that tailgate banging has not decreased in frequency. In addition, your traffic standards to and from MLRM’s facility are contravened daily.

The MRA hopes that MLRM’s application for additional structures on the sites on Judson Street and Evans Avenue will not result in buildings that diminish community esthetics and living conditions.

We believe that MLRM ignores your standards regarding tailgate banging and load dumping on a continual basis.

The MRA requests that you assure us immediately that the structures and standards you put in place will be randomly monitored and are subject to independent auditor inspections and that the structures actually reduce noise levels emanating from within the facility.


John Cary
President, Mimico Residents Association

CC: Councillor Mark Grimes
CC: MPP Doug Holyday,


Sent: April 11, 2014

Attn: Renato Silva, Owner
ML Ready Mix Concrete
29 Judson St
Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1A4

Dear Mr Silva,

The Board of Directors of the Mimico Residents Association (MRA) would like to register its great concern at your company’s continual violation the City-regulated operational hours between the hours of 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. These hours apply to all residents and organizations within Mimico. We can understand the very occasional exception, however daily disregard and disdain of the regulation, we believe, is not acceptable.

While we understand that a few MLRM infractions have been ticketed, monitoring your unlawful behavior around the clock is simply not possible within the City’s or the Ministry of Environment’s (MOE) capacity in this day and age. Responsible companies adhere to regulations, conduct self-monitoring and make corrections and they also realize that they are subject to genuinely independent audits.

As well, the noise levels set by the MOE for your activities are exceeded regularly. We understand that the MOE’s Environmental Approvals Branch is considering the situation, your under-performance and the compliance record of your company.

The MRA asks you to respect the rights of residents who live in the immediate vicinity. Surely your company should, at a minimum, obey existing By-Laws and consider the living conditions of local residents.

It’s quite apparent that MLRM does not share MRA’s view. We would like to know the reason for your position.


John Cary
President, Mimico Residents Association

CC: Rene Silva
CC: Councillor Mark Grimes
CC: MPP Doug Holyday
CC: Dolly Goyette, Regional Director, MOE

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