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Family Drop-Ins reopened Feb 1st!

Drop in Schedule - Click to enlarge
Drop in Schedule – Click to enlarge


The (formerly Next Door Family Resources) Drop-ins reopened Monday Feb 1st, 2016 under the guidance of LAMP Community Health Centres. See the schedule at right.

Filomena Furtado, RECE, BAA, BSW
West District Consultant, District Operations
Children’s Services, City of Toronto

Sent: January 20, 2016

Dear Ms. Furtado,

The Mimico Residents Association has heard from concerned residents about the sudden and unannounced closure of Next Door Family Resources Drop-In centres in November 2015.

We would like to voice our support for the restoration of these essential services in our community as soon as possible.

Many of our community’s families and caregivers used the local drop-in at the John English Community School on a daily basis. It served as a place for young children to begin socializing and familiarizing with the school environment, and for their caregivers/parents to meet and socialize, share news and gather helpful information and materials. It was often the first place new parents would connect with other families in the community, before their children started school or regular daycare.

We would appreciate an update on the status of these services and a timeline for their recommencing. An explanation regarding the sudden and unexpected closures would also be appreciated.

The MRA remains committed to promoting the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.


John Cary
President, Mimico Residents Association

CC: Councillor Mark Grimes
CC: Camisha Johnson, Early Years Coordinator, LAMP Community Health Centre

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