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MRA Letter opposing relocation of Mimico GO Station

Sent: April 16, 2013

To: Frances Pritchard, Secretariat
Planning and Growth Management Committee

Re: Addressing Mobility, Aligning Growth and Transit – Study the Relocation of the Mimico GO Train Station to the Vicinity of Park Lawn Road.

Dear Ms. Pritchard;

The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) represents the community of Mimico that extends from Park Lawn Road in the east to Dwight Avenue in the west, and from Evans Avenue in the north to Lake Ontario in the south.

Under no circumstances will the MRA support the re-location of the Mimico GO station.  This is a vital part of our community with a majority of residents using the GO as access to the City.  Many residents have moved to Mimico expressly because of this easy public rail transportation link.  Etobicoke York Community Council recently recommended an area study of the lands surrounding Mimico Station to  “review existing land uses, urban design and gateway features, and examine the current differences in employment uses” and there is potential for future employment and residential re-vitalization in this area.  Removing the rail transportation will produce local community decay, not revitalization.

Metrolinx has completed the first stages of improvements by elongating platforms to accommodate the longer trains and completed final design drawings of the tunnel and elevator to provide platform accessibility. As well, currently there are two major projects underway in the direct vicinity: Mimico ‘On the GO’ Condominium Development as well as a townhouse development.

We ask the Planning and Growth Management Committee to seriously consider the future development of these locations residential and employment lands so as not to be in the same reactive and un-planned public transportation position that today exists in Humber Bay Shores.

The MRA would consider supporting a proposal for a supplementary GO stop at Park Lawn Road, or improved access to the east end of the Mimico Station from Humber Bay Shores.  Improved transit accessibility and more frequent service could help alleviate the traffic congestion at Park Lawn and Lake Shore Blvd. W., as well as providing an incentive for all residents to take public transportation.

We remain committed to promoting the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.


Kyra Trainor, President
Mimico Residents Association

Cc: Mark Grimes, Councillor Ward 6; Peter Milczyn,  Chair PGMC

9 thoughts on “MRA Letter opposing relocation of Mimico GO Station”

  1. Perhalps more thought should be given to improving the existing station. Why improve the length of the platforms and then turn around and relocate. Would that not be wasting money? Improve the existing station. Stop wasting money!!

  2. We agree entirely with the position taken by the MRA!!! This Mimico station should not be eliminated and Parklawn should be an additional stop!!!! This area already is suffering from all manner of negative changes!! The prospect of new condos and townhouses is a positive way to revitalize the surrounding area!!!

  3. I support the MRA’s position on this matter. The Mimico GO station is an important piece of the neighborhood which has opportunity for development largely because of it’s accessibility to the GO station. My wife and I purchased our home in 2012 because we can walk to the GO station as many of our neighbors do daily. This would definitely hurt the revitalization of the area.

    I will be sending my opposing comments to the Planning and Growth Committee at “” (copying “”) about this.

  4. I agree that relocating the Mimico Station will halt the revitalization, and other possible options should be considered to up keep the current station that we have now. With the ongoing issues that the community is having with ML, why not try to relocate ML with help from Metrolinx to revive the original lands from 1906 back to the Mimico Station as it once was. I am sure that their site would be large enough to improve the facility and room for additional expansion in the future. I believe that doing this would be huge win for Mimico and its residents, this would definitely help to prompt the revitalization in this core area.

    I hope that the community can stick together to stop from relocating this vital part of Mimico.

  5. if this is to do with growth in the commiunity it would be a good idea to build another station/stop at parklawn. Each day i see a large number of people going and coming back from this station so this stop is well used. once again if this is for growth in the area, Parklawn, build another stop on the route.

  6. Make parklawn an additional stop.
    I pay school taxes that i dont use
    I subsidize 905 people with my property tax
    The one semi-convenient service is GO…

    We need more politicians that have actually travelled to other countries… Look at UK..

    Keep Mimico GO

  7. How can one even waste the money on such a poor idea.

    This area (after decades of being a “HOT” neighborhood) is struggling to gain its footing. Several start and stop real estate projects etc. has plagued the area. Downtown accessibility has been one of the bright spots and a draw. Look at the condo development that was going to start there “onthegomimico”, someone pouring money into the area, with a demographic that would bring more shops/resto and revitalize the area. However, this study places a cloud over that development. In fact I know 2 people who registered for that condo and the MAIN reason was the GO. One person is now looking at other areas and developments and I am sure the other will follow. These kiond of studies alone can last more than a year, and the cloud now hangs…..

    I wonder if that developer is even continuing now???

    Brilliant idea moving ML and putting the station there……..but that makes too much sense. Has anyone wondered why the area languishes when so many other areas have blossomed? (Queen St. east, the Junction, Ronce etc.) This is why.

    (Good job members on here….maybe we need to get MORE active…)

  8. Keep Mimico GO Station!! Add a station instead of relocating ours!

    Mimico GO Station and the easy access to downtown it provides, is a significant attraction of the neighbourhood. It has supported continued revitalization of the area, and is critical to a great number of commuters.

    The population of this city is increasing, and public transit needs to be improved, not made less accessible to those who rely on it.

  9. The mimico station should definitely be relocated to Parklawn and Lakeshore as the density there will exceed mimico by many times in several years. This city is horrendous in terms of planning for the future. Traffic and transit is terrible compared to most developed cities (check the statistics for yourself). We will never be even a fraction of Tokyo. The TTC is delayed most of the time with terrible bus intervals where you get 3 buses arriving at a stop at once 30 minutes late instead of one every 7 minutes (Royal York North to station). Traffic is insane due to congestion and only a few main arteries unlike the many US Interstate options. Now look at these above ground cheap cheap options for power distribution. We are well behind Euroe’s underground power lines. The icing caused millions in economic losses for work, business outages and spoiled food. I had to throw out food and store it between windows. Power outages for several days expected. This is ridiculous. The flooding earlier this year wreaked havoc on Toronto. Stop protesting good change. We need to do what helps the majority. Mimico is a small community of primarily detached housing. Most have cars. We need a large transit hub in place of Mr. Christie’s to provode for 20000+ residents in the upcoming high rises. There needs to be A LOT of change in this city, but primarily with public transit and highway and street traffic congestion at least between Kipling going East towards the Eastern Beaches. We dont need upgrades to Scarberia right now. Thanks Fords; you are the biggest disgrace to this city. Thanks for ruining our reputation.

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