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MRA 2016-17 Annual Report

2016-17 Annual Report [Annual Report PDF] [Treasurer’s Report PDF]

Presented at the Annual General Meeting

Thursday March 30th 2017 8:00 pm
Mimico Library, 47 Station Rd, Etobicoke


  1. Call to Order
  2. Quorum (at least 9 eligible voting members) and Registration of Proxies
  3. Welcome and introductions
  4. Approval of 2015 – 2016 AGM Minutes
  5. Business Arising from the Minutes
  6. Reports:
    1. President’s Report
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Secretary’s Report
    4. Nominating Committee Report
  7. Election of Directors
  8. By-Law Amendment, if required
  9. New Business
  10. Next AGM Date – Mar 29, 2018
  11. Termination of the Meeting

Following the AGM, Peter Milczyn MPP will speak about the OMB.

MINUTES (for approval) of the
2015-16 Annual General Meeting of Members

March 31st 2016 at 7.00 pm
Main Floor, Storefront Humber Inc.

  1. John Cary (president) called the meeting to order @ 7:03 pm. John welcomed the members as well as Peter Milczyn MPP.
  2. Quorum (at least 9 eligible voting members) and Registration of Proxies. No proxies registered.
  3. Approval of 2014 – 2015 AGM Minutes.
    1. Approval proposed by Daniel Gerecht, seconded by Mary Bella. All in favor, motioned passed.
    2. Business arising from the minutes:
      1. The Coronation Park Lawn bowling club has been closed for almost a year.  Kim Edgar reported that Mark Grimes is at City council meeting tonight and is requesting a full report on the state of the building.
      2. At the 2014 AGM Peter Milczyn stated that he was looking into the possibility of using the old jail site (on Horner) as a potential relocation site for MLRM. Tonight Peter reported that Corrections Ontario is not releasing this property.
    3. Reports:
      1. President’s Report
      2. Vice-President’s Report
      3. Treasurer’s Report
      4. Secretary’s Report
      5. Nominating Committee Report
    4. Election of Directors:
      Be it resolved that Dana Beatson, Mary Bella, Deborah Burgess, John Cary, Joanne Cortellessa, Leanne Faber, Daniel Gerecht, JoAnne McKeown, Chris Moore, Lesley Strong, Gavin Tait, and Kyra Trainor be elected to the 2016-2017 Board of Directors of the Mimico Residents Association.

Proposed by, Leslie Veszlenyi. Seconded by, Sara Lanthier.  All in favor, motioned passed.

  1. Appointment of Officers:

Be it resolved that Chris Moore be appointed to the office of President, Lesley Strong be appointed to the office of Vice President, Dana Beatson be appointed to the office of Treasurer, and JoAnne McKeown be appointed to the office of Secretary of the Mimico Residents Association for a one year term.

Proposed by, Michael Colvin.   Seconded by, Leslie Veszlenyi.  All in favor, motioned passed.

  1. By-Law Amendment, if required. No bylaws amended.
  2. New business:
    1. Eric Code voiced concerns that the Amos Waites parking lot spaces are monopolized by Store Front Humber (SFH) employees. As SFH has grown, the parking issue has worsened.  SFH and the City are aware of the parking lot issues, however there have been no change in practice.  Kyra Trainor recommended that we ask the City to have a 2 hour parking limit.  Kim Eager will look into the possibility of installing 2 hour parking limit signage.   David Pritchard also voiced concerns over safety as cars are double parked and if there were a fire or the need for an EMS service vehicle, they would not be able to get into the parking lot. Eric Code also mentioned there is camp fire problem in Amos Waites parkas as well as Humber Bay Park East & West.
    2. There was a discussion around the possibility of a Park Lawn or Humber Bay Loop Go station. One member was concerned that Metrolinx may close the Mimico Go station if new stop is created.  Peter Milczyn stated that it is unlikely that this would occur. If another Go stop at Humber Bay Loop or Park lawn is approved, it would be years from now.  Metrolinx hopes to have electric trains starting in 2018.  Electric trains might have the ability to stop at Mimico and Park Lawn.
    3. Peter Milczyn recounted some of his memories of growing up in Mimico.
  3. Next AGM Date March 30, 2017.
  4. Termination of the meeting proposed by John Cary. All in favor. Meeting terminated at 8:36 PM.


Presidents Report – Chris Moore
Mimico Residents Association AGM – March 30, 2017

Looking back over the past year and my first as President, I can safely say that it’s been another interesting and busy year in Mimico.  I’ll speak more on this shortly… but first – we’ve hit a milestone of sorts that I’d like to acknowledge.  2016 was the 10th year of incorporation of the Mimico Residents Association!  The fact that our residents association has not only survived – but is thriving – is a credit to all the people in Mimico willing to volunteer their time to make our community a better place to live.  I’d like to take a moment to recognize our dedicated board members – both present & past for their hard work.

Looking back at the year, three big topics we’ve been involved in are the Mimico Judson Secondary Plan, Mimico Waterfront Plan, and Mimico GO Station Enhancements.  I’ll speak briefly to each of these.

  • First is the Mimico Judson Secondary Plan: This plan defines how the city will allow the area near the Mimico GO station to be redeveloped.  It was put together by professional planners through two years of consultation with the community, in which the MRA participated.  Some of the things it specifies are the heights of buildings allowed, road locations, and the split between residential vs commercial development.  The plan was approved by City Council in June of 2016 and was immediately appealed at the OMB.  Developers are appealing for many changes to the plan, including significant additional density and building heights.  Metrolinx is appealing because they don’t believe residential is appropriate adjacent to the GO Transit Rail Yard west of Royal York.  As we do not have volunteers with the time available to attend the OMB hearings, we have written a letter in support of another community group – the Mimico Lakeshore Community Network – who are requesting to be a part of the OMB hearing by getting ‘Party Status’.  The OMB process is only now starting, with the next pre-hearing scheduled for April.  Resolving the various appeals promises to be a long and complicated process.
  • Second big topic is the Mimico Waterfront Plan which defines a vision for how Mimico-by-the-Lake, on both sides of Lake Shore Blvd West, can be redeveloped.  In October, we partnered with the Mimico Lakeshore Community Network to co-host a community meeting regarding OMB threats to the Mimico Waterfront Plan.  Specifically, we informed the community about Shoreline Towers proposal for a building on the Mimico waterfront trail behind their existing apartment buildings on Lake Shore Blvd at Burlington Street, and gathered feedback from the community for the Mimico Lakeshore Community Network to take into the next phase of OMB hearings.  We continue to monitor the ongoing situation at the OMB and will keep the community informed on development plans on our waterfront.
  • Third are the changes coming to the Mimico GO Station, including two new pedestrian tunnels and accessible barrier free access.  Unfortunately, we learned this past year that these much needed changes are significantly delayed, with detailed design and construction scheduled for 2018 to 2021.  When we learned of these delays we raised awareness in the community and spearheaded a letter writing campaign to Metrolinx and our elected representatives.  Our letter writing campaign was featured in the Etobicoke Guardian, and Metrolinx responded letting us know that the main reason for the delay was to allow additional time to study the impact of electrification to the Lakeshore West Go line.  Our takeaway is that we need to remain vigilant, continue to track the status of these changes, and take action if needed.

Other areas we continue to monitor and be involved in include:

  • The creation of the Humber Bay Park Master Plan for improvements to Humber Bay Park East and West.
  • The creation of a new design for Grand Manitoba Park.
  • The Waterfront Transit Reset, which is a review of waterfront transit options from Long Branch in the west to Woodbine Avenue in the east.
  • The Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan study to address transportation challenges in the Park Lawn Lake Shore area.
  • The ML Ready Mix Cement Batching facility that continues to operate in our community

Moving onto a couple annual activities we were involved in this past year – one that we always enjoy supporting is the Mimico Party in the Park, organized by the Mimico Baptist Church.  Also, we hosted another successful Halloween Dance at St Leo’s School for the families in the community.

Looking forward, something I’m really excited about is that we are in the early stages of starting a “Mimico Neighbourhood Murals Project” to paint murals on 8 Mimico Bell Boxes.  Lakeshore Arts is be working with us providing their mural expertise, contacts with the arts community, and logistical support.  As for timing, we haven’t given up on doing it this summer, but more likely this will happen in 2018.  If you’re interested in getting involved in this exciting project, or know a business interested in sponsoring it, please reach out to me at the end of this meeting.

Staying with the public artwork theme but changing what is being painted – we submitted a number of Traffic Signal boxes for inclusion in StreetARToronto’s Outside the Box program.  We are thrilled that four Mimico boxes are being included in this great program.  Watch for them to be painted this summer.

In closing, Mimico is a great place to live and, although there are always bumps along the way, I’m confident we’ll continue to see it getting better and better.  I’d like to extend a huge thank-you to the rest of the board for their support over the past year – thanks for all your dedication and commitment and I look forward to another great year.

Chris Moore

Treasurer’s Report – Dana Beatson
Mimico Residents Association AGM – March 30, 2017


Secretary Report – JoAnne McKeown
Mimico Residents Association AGM – March 30, 2017

I have been on the Mimico Residents Association Board of Directors since March 2013, and this was my third and final year as secretary. Mary Bella continued to provide updates to our website and face book page throughout the year.

Our website continues to provide current information on community events, local development news, communication with political leaders and local organizations, letters of support, as well as the minutes from the monthly Mimico Residents Association Board of Director’s meeting. The website gets between 730 and 1450 hits per month, with peak months this year being October (Halloween Dance) and November. We had a total of nearly 12,000 hits in 2016, and 9,255 individual visitors.

We currently have 541 subscribers on our Mailchimp subscription E-news list. A total of 9 newsletters were sent out in 2016, and 5 so far in 2017.

Our Facebook page following continues to grow with a total of 1,066 followers as of March 27,2017. Our most shared, clicked, and viewed post EVER was our January 13, 2017 post on the Blue Goose redevelopment-  9,166 People viewed the post!

In closing, I would like to thank the MRA executive and board of directors for their hard work and commitment to enhancing the lives of Mimico residents.

Nominating Committee Report: 2017-2018 Board and Officers

Mimico Residents Association AGM – March 30, 2017

Five board members are resigning from the board and four candidates applied for board positions.

The four new candidates were interviewed and are proposed for election to the Board of Directors.   The By-Law stipulates that the Board of Directors shall have an odd number of members.  To assist in fulfilling this complement, the following four are recommended to be considered for Directorships:

Leigh Graham, Kent Schroeder, Andrew Bridel, Anne Arthur

The Committee acknowledges the resignation of Kyra Trainor, Mary Bella, Dana Beatson, Joanne Cortellessa and Gavin Tait and is very grateful for their past service.

AGM Motion to Appoint the Board of Directors for 2017-2018

Be it resolved that Leigh Graham, Kent Schroeder, Andrew Bridel, and Anne Arthur be appointed to the Board of Directors and that Chris Moore, Lesley Strong, Joanne Mckeown, Deborah Burgess, John Cary, Daniel Gerecht and Leanne Faber be re-appointed to the 2017-2018 Board of Directors for one year terms.

Proposed By:

Seconded By:


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