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Update from Municipal Licensing and Standards re: ML Ready Mix

To: Mr. D. Irwin
XX Judson Street
Toronto, ON

Re: 29 Judson Street

Dear Mr. Irwin:

This letter is in response to the complaints and other correspondence We have received with respect to the business operating at 29 Judson Street, known as ML Ready Mix.

Municipal Licensing and Standards has been working with other City Divisions, such as Toronto Buildings and the Provincial authority, Ministry of the Environment to address the noise, land use, and environmental concerns arising from the operations at 29 Judson Street.

Additionally, the Toronto Buildings Division has issued an Order to Comply under the authority of the Building Code Act, directing the owner to obtain the required building permits for the buildings/structures that have been illegally constructed Without the benefit of a building permit. Subsequent to the non- compliance with this Order, Toronto Buildings has issued a charge, which will be dealt with through the courts.

As you are aware, Municipal Licensing and Standards have been closely monitoring the operations at 29 Judson Street over the past several months for noise violations (early mornings  weekdays and Saturdays).

To date, we have not directly observed any noise by-law violations. The sound that is made by trucks reversing is not a violation of the Noise by-law, as the audible reverse signal is a requirement under the Highway Traffic Act.

At this time, Municipal Licensing & Standards is reviewing applicable land use regulations as they may relate to the property located at 29 Judson Street. We will keep you apprised of any developments with respect to the land use investigation.

With respect to the fence/wall, Municipal Licensing and Standards has issued a Notice of Violation for the height of the fence, and subsequently a charge for non-compliance to the Notice of Violation.

On behalf of the City of Toronto, thank you for your patience as we work through the many issues pertaining to 29 Judson Street, I trust the above noted information addresses your concerns. Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions or concerns.


Elizabeth Glibbery
Acting Director, Investigation Services

Etobicoke York District | Municipal Licensing and Standards |
City of Toronto | 2 Civic Centre Court, 4th Floor | Toronto, Ontario  M9C 5A3

4 thoughts on “Update from Municipal Licensing and Standards re: ML Ready Mix”

  1. Leave the plant alone already! As stated their not breaking any noise by-laws. Don’t you people have anything else better to do? Hang out with friends, clean your houses, go for a walk, join a gym, online dating etc. There’s alot of things out there to keep you people busy. Let the poor workers support their families!

    1. Republic of Judson St.

      Leave the plant alone? This will be over, ask Mr. Ford, Mr Holyday, Mr. Michen, say bye bye ML … 25 cents says they’re gone, we can meet at the goose for winner to collect … are we on?

  2. I’m just wondering. Has this company ever been held accountable or did they have permission to bury the pond/marsh from the Superior Creek that was on their property originally and for a number of years following the time they aquired the property, but has since disappeared?

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