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Metrolinx Open House Public Meeting July 5

Metrolinx is hosting an Open House Public Meeting on July 5, 2018 from 2 – 4pm and 6 – 8pm at Mimico Presbyterian Church (119 Mimico Avenue) to discuss the Mimico, Long Branch and potential Park Lawn GO stations.

We had the opportunity to meet with representatives from Metrolinx earlier in the month and can provide you with some of the key information up for discussion at the Open House.  Metrolinx shared with us the background of work completed to date.  Of particular interest was that Metrolinx has issued a Request for Proposal for the work to three teams of companies.  It’s also listed on Infrastructure Ontario.

The upgrades to Mimico GO station planned by Metrolinx will include:

  • A new accessible main station building.
  • Two new east and west tunnels with elevator and stair access to platform level.
  • Two accessible north and south entrance buildings with a new passenger pick-up & drop-off area on Manchester Street.
  • Rehabilitations of existing platforms, including snow melting systems, heated shelters, elevators, stairs and integrated platform canopies.
  • Revisions to existing parking lot, including passenger drop-off and pick-up area, bike lanes, pedestrian walkways and bike shelters.

The construction of a South Entrance near the Blue Goose is dependent on negotiations between Metrolinx and Toronto Community Housing.  We encourage all residents to let Metrolinx representatives at the Open House know how important the South Entrance is to our community.

Images from Metrolinx of the proposed upgrades:

Representatives from the Mimico Residents Association will be present at the meeting and will provide more information when we get it. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments you would like to share with Metrolinx and cannot attend the Open House on July 5, we would recommend contacting Michael Paolucci, Community Relations & Issues Specialist.

3 thoughts on “Metrolinx Open House Public Meeting July 5”

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that with the density at Park Lawn & Lakeshore that a GO Station at Park Lawn is critical. I know that a bus shuttle has been set up to take ppl. from Park Lawn & Lakeshore to the Mimico Go but that will just add to the already congested Mimico station.

    I am aware that First Capital now owns the former Christie Bakery site. Perhaps a negotiation with the city of Toronto & First Capital could help accelerate the construction of a GO Station at Park Lawn.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Metrolinx also provided an initial design concept for the potential Park Lawn GO Station. This new station would technically be outside of our boundaries so we didn’t report it above. However here is the information they provided to us:

      As part of this review, a refined station layout and location at Park Lawn was found to be an increasingly strong transit investment. Further investigation of the costs and benefits of this station is being carried out with a report available in late 2018.
      If approved by the Metrolinx Board, the station will require funding and an EA before construction would start.

      If you are on Facebook I would recommend checking out this post from the Humber Bay Shores Ratepayers & Residents Association group as it is much more focused on the potential Park Lawn GO Station.

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