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May 2021 Meeting Minutes

MRA Board Meeting Notes 

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

19:30 – 20:20

Attendees (virtually)

Michael Majeski, President; Adam Matheson, Vice-President; Emma Park, Treasurer; Neil Arcot; Tim Ellis; Lauren Facto; Mostafa Shaheen; Phillip Stainton; John Stephenson. 


James Stack, Secretary; John Homsy


Janet Joy Wilson, Alex Cameron, Kevin George


  1. April Meeting Follow up
    • Approved – Mike 1st, Emma 2nd.
  2. Janet Joy Wilson – Bikeway’s chat 
    • Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition (TCBC) – Founded May 2020, wrote letter to Mayor Tory to request 100km of bikeways to mirror subway infrastructure. Have garnered support from community organizations across the city, particularly the suburbs and focus on the need for bikeways outside of the Downtown core.
    • Current campaign We Belong on Bloor – Advocating for turning Bloor Street west of Runnymede into a complete street, connecting six points to the rest of the city
      • Phillip raises concern about traffic, impact on businesses, and impact on drivers
        • Janet references the Annex bike lanes study, destination Danforth, other parking solutions, once you build bike lanes people use them
      • Mostafa raised issue with current bike traffic on Lakeshore and Waterfront trail
        • Janet agrees that streets and paths are too narrow, part of the problem here is an inconsistency of signage, bikeways, and rules of the road.
      • Tim what support do you want from us and what is the impact on carbon reduction?
        • Janet wants us to sign the We Belong on Bloor to support a safer integrated bike network, no data on carbon reduction but providing options reduces carbon footprint over time.
      • Lauren supports work of TCBC what is the preferred road configuration?
        • Traffic – bikeway – sidewalk
  3. Recap Climate Town Hall Planning Meeting – John & Tim
    • John – group recruited a number of allies and is starting a larger Etobicoke Climate Action group Tim will speak to
    • Tim – we endorsed town hall (May 27) and another group is creating workshop (June 3) for climate solutions, both groups now support merger to discuss after.
    • Agenda for meeting available:
    • Alex asked if we could email members about the two events – Tim and Alex to send details to Adam and James
  4. Moving Forward in 2021 – All
    • Any note on Councilor Holyday? Nothing back but will reach out again.
    • Phillip asked how wee decide what to pursue as an association
      1. Mike, Mostafa, Tim, and Adam – we discuss and try and facilitate communication, occasionally take a stand when there is a negative impact to the community
  5. Membership Push – Mike
    • Revisit after lockdown
  6. Queens Ave Parkette – James 
    • Oh hold – James can email any updates
  7. Insurance – Emma 
    • Getting quotes has been a challenge, if we can’t get a quote by June Emma will push to use current vendor
    • Mostafa will try and get additional quotes
  8. Other Business
    • ML Ready Mix supposed to move in spring – it is late spring; we should send a follow up – Lauren to draft letter
    • Mostafa – Newsletter question, would it be better if everyone writes a piece rather than one person writes it all? Adam to share an old newsletter, Alex will support. Adam and James to connect re current issue.
  9. Next Meeting TBD – ALL
    • Next meeting June 16, 2021


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