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March 2023 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Attendees: Rozhen, Emma, Mike, David, Lauren, Jim, Tim

Regrets: none


  • Approval of Feb 2023 Meeting Minutes (2 min)
    • Lauren first
    • Rozhen second
  • AGM AGM AGM (40 min)
    • The AGM will be held on April 5th at the Rec Room and virtually on Zoom.
    • Cllr Morley has confirmed her attendance
    • Action items: We need to mobilize to plan this event for next week, including sending invites ASAP, determining the agenda, and figuring out logistics, technology, financials, etc.
      • Mike confirmed AGM to be held in Gym, meeting with staff this week:
        • Mike to confirm which gym the AGM will be held in
        • Mike to confirm if the building has wifi, an option for a presentation screen/projector in the gym
      • Mike to bring signs (for directions), coffee, tables, and chairs.
      • Tim has a sound system. 
      • Entrance table with cash box for membership and take attendance
        • Emma is to bring a laptop
        • Tim confirmed the PayPal option through laptop or phone.
        • Mike is to bring a cashbox 
      • Board members are to arrive at 6:30 to help with the setup
      • Presentation
        • Ideally, a PowerPoint on a big screen (Rozhen to prepare the presentation, Mike to confirm projector/screen at rec room)
        • Printed program to be provided as well (Rozhen to prepare, Mike to print)
        • Jim to help with nominating committee presentation
        • Jim to overview the website if a presentation is possible. 
      • Voting will be hybrid.
        • Zoom poll function (Tim to set up) and raised hands in person 
        • The in-person count is to be communicated to Tim for the final number
      • Q+A
        • Zoom questions can be read on Emma’s computer 
  • Other Business
    • Changes to membership system – Emma/Tim
      • Emma to review recurring memberships 
    • Participation in Mimico Square market – Tim
      • Signed up for two dates at Amos Waites
        • The first date is April 8th 
      • Mike has banner and a tent 
      • Any board members who can attend are welcome 
      • Tim to share receipt with Emma, Emma to reimburse Tim via cheque
    • Mayoral debate (jointly with other groups) – Tim
  • Updates (10 min)
    • New board members – Rozhen/Emma/Jim
    • Meeting with Councillor Morley – Rozhen/Tim
    • Mimico Max IG takeover – Lauren
  • Open Forum (5 min)
    • Please bring any discussion items, ideas, thoughts, feedback, etc. to this forum, as well as any agenda items for our next meeting
  • Schedule April board meeting (2 min)
    • April 18th or 19th recommended

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