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March 2021 Meeting Minutes

MRA Board Meeting Notes

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

19:30 – 20:30

Attendees (virtually)

Michael Majeski, President; Emma Park, Treasurer; James Stack, Secretary; Tim Ellis; John Homsy; Heather Mak; Mostafa Shaheen; Lauren Facto; John Stephenson; Phillip Stainton


  1. Quorum and Meeting Opening
    • Mike
  2. Approval of Feb 2021 Meeting Minutes 
    • Approved; Heather first, John second
  3. Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Tuesday, March 16th
    • 19:30 – 20:45 time slot
    • John to consolidate the reports into one package for distribution to our members
    • Agenda (final agenda will be emailed by Mike) – ALL  
      1. Call to order
      2. Intro and Housekeeping – Mike; Tim to include a technical piece regarding the meeting software
  • Quorum (at least 9 eligible voting members) and Registration of Proxies
  1. Welcome and introductions (including the agenda and an intro to Grimes and Hogarth)
  2. Approval of 2019 – 2020 AGM Minutes
    • No official AGM was held, we will consider adding a note in here for disclosure
  3. Reports:
    • President’s Report – Mike to complete and send by end of February
    • Treasurer’s Report – Emma – this year we have a loss on the books, also indicated the number of members (Adam to provide an updated number); Emma to prep full report for end of Feb
    • Secretary’s Report – James – To be completed for the end of February
    • Nominating Committee Report – Adam to complete
  • Election of Directors – software has a voting function we will use
  • By-Law Amendment, if required (nothing required at this time)
  1. New Business, if any
  2. Following the prepared remarks of the MRA, Councilor Mark Grimes and Christine Hogarth MPP will speak and engage in a Q&A session with attendees. Will allow an initial 5 mins to each guest speaker to provide an update and then move to the Q&A
  3. Questions will be moderated by Tim – will request questions from attendees through the chat function


  • Questions for Hogarth and Grimes – ALL  
    1. We will have questions addressed at the meeting regarding key themes over 2020 and then open up Q&A to our members
    2. John has prepared a number of questions from the MRA board
  • Tech for the AGM
    1. Will be hosting through Zoom
    2. Hosting a trial run to ensure tech is working, board members to log in an hour early on Tuesday
  1. Traffic study focus group recap – Mike
    • Emphasis on work they’ve done, lower speed zones, cross walks, school bus loading zones, etc.
    • Most speeders are residents of Mimico
    • They were clear there is room to improve their efforts
    • There is an online map visually indicating where traffic incidents have occurred in Toronto
    • Majority of pedestrian incidents are with elderly residents, particularly crossing the streets
  2. QuadReal development – proposal for additional parking – Emma
    • Asking for 30-40 spaces, did not have exact numbers
    • We have indicated we will not be taking a stance to support or oppose the variances proposed
    • At this time we do not have confirmation if the variances were passed or denied
  3. Other Business – ALL 
    • Lauren is interested in following the Vandyk development
    • Heather – Greenpack organization – looking to do an MP debate/check-in on environmental topics in May and they are looking for people to host. Heather to send further details on the organization and what they are looking for
  4. Next Meeting TBD – ALL  
    • The AGM on Tuesday, March 16th beginning at 19:30

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