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Letter to EYCC re: Wesley Mimico United Church Heritage Designation

Attn: Rosemary MacKenzie,  Committee Administrator
Etobicoke York Community Council
City Clerk’s Office
Etobicoke Civic Centre
Main Floor, 399 The West Mall
Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2

October 11, 2013

Re: Item EY28.7 to be considered by EYCC on October 17, 2013 – Wesley United Church Heritage Designation

To the members and chair of the Etobicoke York Community Council,

The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) has been aware of Wesley Mimico United Church’s redevelopment plans for over a year.  We have had board members attend the Church’s community forums and have also been on their distribution list. We have gathered feedback from the community through MRA website comments, our Facebook page, Community surveys, and review of submitted letters both to the City and to the MRA.

The MRA also hosted a Public Meeting in May 2013 where Harry Oussoren presented the Church’s plan for redevelopment and answered questions from residents.

Regarding Heritage Designation of this property, we believe the Church should adhere to the heritage standards set by the City, the Province and the Federal government.  The City of Toronto’s Heritage Preservation Services, Toronto City Planning and the Toronto Preservation Board have all recommended Designation of this property.

Our residents have previously fought for preservation of Mimico Estates and the Mimico Fire Hall, and told us strongly in our June 2012 Survey that it is important to preserve and restore Mimico’s historic buildings.  We understand and support the significance of heritage to our community.

We also understand the importance of the Church, its activities and its congregation to our community. We encourage the Church to work with Heritage Preservation Services and Toronto City Planning to develop a proposal that will preserve the building appropriately while allowing the Church to achieve its goals and remain a vital part of our community.


Kyra Trainor, President
Mimico Residents Association
cc: Mark Grimes, City of Toronto Councillor
cc: Kathryn Thom, Toronto City Planning

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