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Letter to Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory re: Cyclist Death and ML Ready Mix

On November 23rd, the Mimico Residents Association sent a letter detailing our concern over the cyclist death in Mimico after a fatal collision with a truck from ML Ready Mix. The letter is attached to this email and text is also copied below.

November 23, 2020
Councillor Mark Grimes
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2N2

Sent via email to:

Re: Cyclist Death and ML Ready Mix

Dear Councillor Grimes,

Following our letter sent to you October 30, 2020, it pains me to be contacting you on behalf of the Mimico Residents Association (MRA) to once again raise our concerns after the death of another vulnerable road user in our community.

As I’m sure you are aware, On November 20, 2020 at 5:18 pm Toronto Police Operations Centre reported an ML Ready Mix concrete truck had struck a cyclist at the corner of Judson Street and Royal York Road. While at this time the investigation is ongoing, it has been reported that both vehicles were traveling southbound on Royal York Road and the ML Ready Mix truck turned onto Judson Street as the cyclist was attempting to continue down Royal York Road. Shortly after, the 59-year-old cyclist was reported dead on the scene.

This is particularly disappointing as the death can be directly attributed to an issue you have been aware of, and many residents have been campaigning hard to resolve, since at least 2007. Namely, the continued presence of the ML Ready Mix concrete batching facility on Judson Street.

We applauded you, and Council, in July 2018 when you voted to use $5 million in city funds to buy the ML Ready Mix property, with the goal of moving the operations to the Port Lands. We further applauded in November 2019 (over 18 months later) when the purchase was finally announced. From our understanding, the leaseback of 29 Judson Street should have expired at the beginning of this month. However, in a letter you sent out late October you stated that because of COVID19, there is now no confirmed date ML Ready Mix will be leaving the neighbourhood. This is unacceptable.

Councillor, if the original timeline for relocating ML Ready Mix from Mimico had been preserved, the tragedy on November 20 would have never taken place.
Given this recent loss of life—alongside ML Ready Mix’s long history of environmental, zoning and traffic violations—we feel the time has come to force ML Ready Mix to close until such time as they can relocate.

I would also like to request you continue to push for further traffic calming measures in the neighbourhood and provide any update on what has been done to further the twice delayed Mimico Transportation Management Plan since the March 12 Status Update. More timely completion and
implementation of the transportation management plan may have also helped prevent this death—and that of an elderly Mimico resident who was struck by a vehicle at the corner of Stanley Avenue and Station Road on July 28, 2020.

Please take action before another life is lost on the roads in Mimico.

Adam Matheson, Vice President, Mimico Residents Association

Mike Majeski, President, Mimico Residents Association

cc: John Tory, Mayor – City of Toronto <



2020-11-23 MRA Letter to Councillor Grimes Cyclist Death ML Ready Mix (1)


2 thoughts on “Letter to Councillor Grimes and Mayor Tory re: Cyclist Death and ML Ready Mix”

  1. Thank you Adam and Mike for such a well written letter to Councillor Grimes and a copy to John Tory. As part of Dan Irwin’s team, we have done so much work to have ML out of our community. I also read a post this morning where ML submitted a site plan for the new location and it was returned to ML for adjustments. When they moved to Judson, they did not even propose a site plan to the municipality and continued to build without building permits. Based on that alone, they should have been shut down! No site plan was submitted because they knew it would have been rejected!!

    We really appreciate the continued involvement of the MRA to help support our cause. I was a member for a couple of years to assist with the closure of ML.

    Joanne Cortellessa

  2. Should have been shut down years ago. Why where they even allowed to operate there in the first place? I grew up across the street from their and you could hear their trucks rumbling by at all hours the house would shake. This was just a matter of time and we’re lucky it has only happened this once. Enough grifting and payola .

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