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Letter from MRA to Councillor Grimes re: Closure and Development Plans for Mr. Christie’s Plant Property

Sent: November 5, 2012
Re: Closure and Development Plans for Mr. Christie’s Plant Property

Dear Councillor Grimes,

The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) shares the concerns expressed by Peter Milczyn and yourself regarding the effects of the closure of this important community fixture on jobs in their wards and on the local communities.

With closing of the plant the effects on jobs and the community will be immediate, however the plans for massive condominium development on this site will be of grave concern to local residents, who have already expressed clear concern regarding increased density and building heights along Lake Shore Boulevard. The area from the Humber River to Park Lawn Road south of the Lakes Shore is now fully occupied by completed or under-construction tall condominium towers.

The size of the Christie property and its potential for re-development will have a major impact on the residents of Mimico. Through the Mimico 20/20 process, the residents of Mimico have raised concerns over many issues that impact our community. We know that you are well-aware of those concerns. Although the property is not strictly within the boundaries of Mimico, the effects on transportation, schooling and on the environment will be severe and will spill over into our community.

We urge the City to undertake sound and thorough planning of this site. Furthermore, we intend to raise our concerns with respect to developers continually ignoring city zoning specifications and then using OMB oversight to thwart the wishes of affected communities without consultation.

We strongly support you and your fellow Councillors in your efforts to monitor and control future developments in your wards, specifically in and around Mimico, and to maintain the existing zoning regulation.

We remain committed to promoting the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.

Kyra Trainor, President
Mimico Residents Association

Cc: Laurel Broten, MPP Etobicoke-Lakeshore; Rob Ford – Mayor, City of Toronto; Councillor Peter Milczyn – City of Toronto; Matthew Premru and Bill Kiru – City Planning; Angela Murphy and John Lorinc – Globe and Mail; Joe Fiorito – Toronto Star; Tamara Shephard – Etobicoke Guardian; Mimico By the Lake BIA; Humber Bay Shores Condo Association

2 thoughts on “Letter from MRA to Councillor Grimes re: Closure and Development Plans for Mr. Christie’s Plant Property”

  1. I agree with this letter to Councillor Grimes. It is sad to see the closing of Mr. Christie’s and the resulting loss of jobs. Job loss is devastating to local folks who are struggling in this economy already.

    That the land on which Mr. Christie’s sits is prime and extensive, is very attractive to the very rich developers. However, to situate more condominiums in greater concentration in this area will be a huge burden to schools, shops, and lifestyle near the Lake. The character of Mimico, and its historical value must be taken into account as well. It will be an act of bullying if developers can muscle their agenda through without stops and without due consultation with Mimico residents. Caution please. The ripple effect will not change this area for the better.

  2. Thanks Kyra – the HBSCA will be sending a letter of support after we meet next week.
    Don Henderson
    Vice-President of Humber Bay Shores Condominium Association
    Yachters Lane Resident
    2405 Lake Shore Blvd West

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