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Letter from MRA to City Hall re: Review of Body Rub Parlour and Holistic Centre Regulations – Survey

January 15, 2013
Olga Kusztelska
Senior Policy and Research Officer

Re: Review of Body Rub Parlour and Holistic Centre Regulations – Survey

Dear Ms. Kusztelska;

The Mimico Residents Association (MRA) thanks you for including us in your survey. Please find below several statements for your consideration that may help you provide direction for the City’s policy development.

Although we are unaware of any body rub parlours in Mimico we do know there are over 20 along the Queensway and Evans Avenues and feel that this is a disproportionate amount for our community (5 minutes from Mimico). We don’t want to be known as a destination for body rub parlours. Mimico also battles with prostitution along Lake Shore Blvd. and it would be interesting to know if there are any studies that suggest that body rub parlours have impacted the amount of street prostitution.

  1. Without knowing the impact on street prostitution, the MRA believes that body rub parlours have a negative impact on our communities.
  2. Holistic centres provide value to our residents as an alternative path for medical conditions and have a positive impact.
  3. The city should limit and/or remove licenses of body rub parlours especially in and around residential neighbourhoods and schools (similar to strip clubs).
  4. If the policy remains unchanged and allows for body rub parlours then the City needs to continue to regulate them and limit their numbers. Each business and their staff should require a licence to work in these places in order to ensure proper employment rules are followed.
  5. Holistic centres should also remain regulated in order to ensure proper sanitation and licensing.

We remain committed to promoting the quality of residential and economic life in and around the Mimico area.


Kyra Trainor, President
Mimico Residents Association
Cc: Mark Grimes, Councillor Ward 6

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