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June 2022 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Attendees: Rozhen, Tim, Emma, Neil, John, David, Mike, Lauren

Regrets: Jim, Philip,


  1. 2022-2023 Planning
    • Goals and objectives 
    • Priorities and focus areas
    • Communication framework with our membership, partner organizations/stakeholders and among members
    • Tools & resources
    • Meeting Notes:
      • Jurisdiction – new proposed boundary, how does this impact the MRA’s mandate? 
  • Consensus to keep historic boundary until it poses a problem at a future time.  
  • Opportunity to engage + collaborate with surrounding RAs and BIAs i.e. Queensway  and Humber Bay Shores Residents Association 
  • Strategic Plan discussion to continue in future meetings
  • Rozhen to circulate strategic plan to team for comment 
  • Development Tracker to be created 
  • John to infill
  1. Mimico Meat and Greet Event
    • Context: Event is scheduled for June 23rd at Great Lakes Brewery 6-8 PM
    • Key actions: plan remaining details for event
    • Meeting Notes: 
  • Event to move forward on June 23rd 
  • Mike to circulate information to Neil, Emma, Lauren for distribution to community
  1. Neighbourhood update with Mark Grimes
    • Context: Councillor Grimes’ office was not in agreement with adding the neighbourhood update to the June 14th meeting and instead proposed another date – July 21st
    • Key actions: setting up a virtual meeting, sending out information to our membership and community
    • Meeting Notes: 
  • Consensus to move forward with July 21st 
  • Agenda to be confirmed 
  • Neil to include in newsletter 
  • Confirm if Tim can moderate
  1. Other Events
    • Context: Other than the Mimico Meat and Greet event, let’s determine a tentative calendar of other events for the next few months to facilitate advance planning – e.g. Pride event?, Pet Mayor, etc.
    • Key actions: setting up a virtual meeting, sending out information to our membership and community
    • Meeting Notes: 
      • Halloween, summer event, clean up are three main events in past 
  1. Quick updates
    • New & improved MRA website – Jim
      • Meeting Notes: Lots of work is being done, Jim was not in the meeting to speak about this 
    • MRA billboard feature – Tim/Mike
      • Meeting Notes: Mike to work on graphic 
    • May 25th Etobicoke York Town Hall (Our Plan Toronto) – Mike/Lauren/John
    • Multiple ongoing bylaw violations by ML Ready Mix Concrete – Rozhen
      • Meeting Notes: Lauren to draft email to Grimes on update of ML’s eviction
  1. Schedule June board meeting
    • July 13th recommended 
    • Try Monday meetings moving forward – Next meeting July 11th 
    • Emma to circulate invite

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