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June 2016 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting
Thursday June 9, 2016
Meeting at the home of the secretary, at 7:30 pm.

Present: Chris, Dana, Lesley, JoAnne, John, Kyra, Joanne, Leanne, Deb, Mary Regrets: Dan, Gavin

  1. As quorum was present Chris moved to open the meeting at 7:34 p.m.
  1. Councillor Grimes was unable to attend tonight’s meeting. Chris has asked to reschedule for the fall.
  1. Approval of May 12, 2016 minutes.  Leslie moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Joanne.  All in favor, motion passed.
  1. Party in the Park– Tuesday June 14, 2016
  • Coolers: Action: Kyra & Leanne will bring coolers.
  • MRA table:  Action:  Joanne has created a schedule.
  • Banner: Action: John will bring the banner
  • Cash box: Action: Kyra will bring one to the event
  • Fruit and corn pick up.  Action: John will pick up the food from the food terminal on Tuesday am.  JoAnne will provide John with the contact information.
  • Juice boxes & Candy.  Action: Joanne & JoAnne will purchase the juice & Candy.
  1. Green Infrastructure Ontario Coalition. There is a movement to make the province greener.  We have been contacted by GIO.  Action:  John will draft letter to executive for review then send it to GIO.
  1. Other Business
  • Newsletter for June. Action:  JoAnne will draft a letter and submit to Mary for review and post
  • The MRA 10th Anniversary: It has been 10 years since the Mimico Residents Association was incorporated. Action: Lesley will review the information on the MRA. If possible, we will put together a brief history of the MRA and put the information on our website.  Mary will add 10th year recognition to our logo and our web page.
  • Mimico Judson Regeneration: The city councillors met yesterday and voted in favor of mixed use for the land on the south side of Judson between Royal York and the Willowbrook work yard. The councillors voted 20 in favor and 16 opposed. Action: There is little we can do except monitor the next steps in the proposal from Dunpar and ML.
  • Amos Waites Park: John has been contacted by the city regarding trees for the Park.  Action:  John & Chris will meet with Uyen Dias from the city June 24th and look at where to plant trees in the park.  The trees will be planted in the spring of 2017.
  • Lawn Bowling Club at Coronation Park. Chris is awaiting information from the city.
  • Next meeting: We will be shifting our meetings to Tuesdays. Tuesday Sept the 13th. Joanne C will host.

Leslie moved to close the meeting, seconded by Deb.  Meeting terminated at 8:40 pm.

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