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July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Mimico Residents Association

July 16, 2020, 19:30-20:30

Virtual meeting

In attendance:  Tim Ellis, Mike Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Emma Park, Mostafa Shahein, 

Regrets: Joe Fotia, John Homsy, James Stack

Meeting start at 19:32

1) Quorum and Meeting Opening – Mike

  • Note that Jackie Monahan has resigned from board due to move from the neighbourhood

2) Approval of June Minutes – ALL

  • No objections to June minutes
  • Motion: Adam, Seconded Emma
  • Minutes are approved unanimously 

3) Insurance and Banking – Joe/Emma

  • Sent cheque in and signed by Chris (name has to be switched over to new executive) 
  • Emma to ask Joe for policy number/Adam to forward insurance policy
  • Emma to check paper trail for insurance

4) Individual Bios – Heather

  • Heather has put up bios on website, but missing password to pictures, will put them up when received from Tim 

5) Affordable Housing Discussion (Adam’s Email) – Adam

  • Mimico is somewhere in the middle – Mimico has a high proportion of renters compared to Toronto as an average with cost somewhere in the middle 
  • Adam has received a letter which he will send out to the group for more context
  • Group will decide whether to do an email vote on whether to distribute petition to members or stay neutral 

6) COVID Update – Tim/Mike/John

  • Councillor Grimes office has declined participation, and has referred us over to his email updates 
  • Tim will reach out to MP Maloney and MPP Hogarth in case they would like to do a second round of updates 
  • Mike has suggested a list of community resources in our next newsletter e.g. Food Banks, Haven on the Queensway, Women’s Habitat, Jean Augustine Centre – Adam will assemble
  • Heather has also suggested highlighting Black-owned businesses in next newsletter as well (will grab from Facebook group)

7) Discuss Adam’s membership letter – Feedback for Adam

  • Heather and Mostafa had some suggestions already within document 
  • Adam will streamline membership process through Mailchimp Adam will streamline membership into Mailchimp
  • Mike had wanted to investigate other payment options e.g. Square for easier payment

8) Other Business

  • Business reached out to advertise within MRA newsletter 
    • For the time being, Board of Directors does not want to advertise in order to maintain neutrality, and due to effort required to advertise
  • Mostafa has suggested another COVID guest speaker in a video series – a family medicine and infectious disease specialist at Mimico Medical – he will organize; as well as a dentist
  • A member had wanted to participate in this meeting, but unfortunately we did not have the dial-in details early enough – we will send minutes and dial-in details more quickly for the next meeting

9) Next Meeting TBD – ALL

  • August 19 – 19:30PM 
  • Emma to send Google Meet


Meeting adjourned at 20:35

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