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January 2017 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting
Tuesday January 10, 2017
Meeting at the home of Lesley at 7:30 pm.

Present: Daniel, Mary, Chris, Leigh, JoAnne, Lesley
Regrets: Dana, Kyra, John, Deb, Leanne
Guest: Michael Hedger, Jennifer (Toronto Police)

  1. Chris opened the meeting at 7:34 pm
  2. Due to the absence of quorum the acceptance of the December 6, 2016 minutes will be deferred to the March 2017 Board of Directors meeting.
  3. Toronto Police Liaison Committee (TPLC) – Michael Hedger
    Community outreach: 22 division covers Mimico and new Toronto.  The main issue is graffiti.  Private homes/companies are responsible for removing the graffiti at their own expense.  City property is cleaned up quickly.  The Mimico community is encouraged  to call the police if they see new graffiti or graffiti artists in action.  Graffiti issues takes up 20% of the police time.  Lakeshore Blvd from 8th  to Albert has drug issues. The type of drugs being sold are marijuana, crack, and fentanyl. Although prostitution has decreased over the years, it continues to be obvious along Lakeshore.  Random break in’s occur, so it is recommended to keep your cars and doors locked.
    There are various ways to contact the police.  The public can call 416-808-2200, or log concerns on line “citizens report” (generates an incident #), app on line.  Call 311 for graffiti concerns/incidents.   The more information the police get from the community the better the community will be protected.  Analysist see patterns and police can intervene.
  1. AGM Planning
    Date: March 30, 7-8:30. Venue Update: No response from M Grimes office. Action: Lesley to check with John re the cost to rent SFH. Our other choice will be St Leo’s.
    Guest Speaker: Peter Milczyn who will speak on OMB reform
    Advertising: email list.  Action: Chris will contact the guardian once a venue is confirmed.  Mary will send the invite to the local schools.
    Nominating Committee Update: Chris has met with 4 new potential board members. Leslie to contact a friend if see if she is interested.
  1. Gardiner Road Tolls
    Mimico and Humber bay are concerned there will be a significant increase in traffic on Lakeshore Blvd.  Mark has asked that a traffic study be done to determine the impact of tolls on adjacent streets.  The Mayor is in agreement.  Action: We will continue to monitor and report to the community.
  1. OMB hearing in Feb. MLCN will attend
  2. Next Meeting Date & Location – Tues Feb 7th. Meeting terminated at 9:18 PM

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