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January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting

Thursday January 7, 2016 at John Cary’s Residence at 7.30 pm.

Present: John, JoAnne, Joanne, Kyra, Mary, Leslie, Daniel, Chris, Dana
Absent: Michael Colvin
Guest: Deb Burgess

  1. 1 As a quorum was present, John moved to open the meeting at 7:41 pm.
  2. Approval of December 3, 2015 minutes. Approved without change. Actions discussed.
  3. New Board members: Action: John will contact some people to see if they are interested in joining the Board of Directors.
  4. Shoreline towers. Maximum of 2 weeks of hearing are scheduled for February 2016. The MRA has submitted our support of the Secondary Plan.
  5. Update on Christmas events.
    Christmas in Mimico had a great turnout of 250 people. Deb mentioned that unless you check the web site, read the Guardian newspaper, or have children, a lot of events are not know to residents with grown or no children. How to contact these people was discussed. The Santa clause parade was well attended.
  6. SFH open house: John attended. It was advertised to its customers and service providers and in the Guardian. Representative of all services that SFH provide were there to offer information. It was unclear how many community residents attended. Action: MRA will continue to discuss options for the use of SFH with Councillor Grimes. MRA is strongly advocating for no more than a 2 year lease renewal.
  7. Ravine policy: John attended this City meeting. There was a lengthy discussion on keeping the ravine corridor unchanged to a great extent or to open the area up to the public with walking and bike paths. The general feeling of the meeting was that a balance of the two is necessary and desired by the City. Action: Chris will organize a walk through the area in April.
  8. Lawn bowling club inactive: Chris emailed Kim Edgar regarding this space, and potential use for the community. We can liaise with the community and BIA regarding potential uses. Action: Chris will contact Kim.
  9. MLRM update: There have been minimal violations reported over December. The Judson residence are requesting the MRA’s support of a letter written by the residents in response to M. Grimes December newsletter citing all that he has done to move ML. Although the MRA supports the Judson residents it was unanimously agreed that supporting the residents letter to M. Grimes would not help their cause. Action: John & Kyra will write a letter to M. Grimes thanking him for his newsletter outlining his determination to move MLRM. We support this initiative and request if it is possible to have one of the Board Members be allowed to sit on the ML working group committee
  10. AGM Thursday March 31, 2016
    Venue: St Leo’s Gym (TBC) or possibly Storefront Humber
    Action: We will ask the community for suggestions on potential guest speakers for our AGM.
  11. Other business. Next door family resources have all been closed without notification. Action: Mary to investigate what happened and what the future plans are.
  12. John moved to terminate the meeting. Motion seconded by Dana. Meeting terminated at 9:33.
    Next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Feb 4, 2016 at Chris’s home.

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