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Grimes responds to Section 37 allegations

A recent article by CBC called into question the Section 37 monies agreed upon at City Council for the 11 Superior Davies-Smith development, saying that arrangements had been made for $100,000 more in funds prior to the Council vote. Read the story on

We asked Councillor Grimes for a response to these allegations, and he wrote back:

“In light of recent media coverage, alleging that I removed potential section 37 funds from our community, I want to make it perfectly clear that these accusation are unfounded and untrue.
The wording in the original staff report was incorrect. I was the one who asked for $250,000 – I always try to negotiate the maximum benefit – however that amount was not agreed to by the applicant. Following negotiations, the agreement was amended, and approved by City Council almost four years ago.

I have taken it upon myself to personally brief the Mayor, the Mayor’s Staff, and the Deputy City Manager. I have also asked the Integrity Commissioner to independently review my actions to confirm that there were no wrongdoings on my part.

These allegations have been brought forward by my opponents in the recent election, and I’m disappointed that one media outlet chose to recklessly report on these baseless accusations.
I look forward to the results of the Integrity Commissioners’ investigation confirming that I acted in the best interests of my community, and I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address these allegations.”

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