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February 2024 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Name and Number/Purpose:MRA September Meeting Minutes 
Date of Meeting:February 26, 2024Time of Meeting (Start and End):7:30pm-8:30pm
Location of Meeting:Google Meetup 
Meeting Chairperson:Rozhen Meeting Minutes Prepared By:Lauren

Date Meeting Minutes Distributed:
February 27, 2024Date of Next Meeting:March 25th


Attendee Name
Item #Discussion/Action Item
1.0Introduction (LF)
1.1 Approve Last Minutes
– Alex First
– Tim Second 
1.2Homeowners Energy Efficiency Workshop March 28th
– Organization is going well
– Board is encouraged to attend
– Setup help is required at 6:30
– David, Rozhen and Mike can come early
– Rozhen to kick off event with MRA intro
– Poster can be found under “Tim Draft” in the event folder 
– Event specific newsletter (David)
– Circulated week of March 5th or 12th
1.3AGM April 11th 
– Board members encouraged to attend in person at 6:30 for setup
– Event booked at Mimico Library Reached out to Jimmys for coffee
– Tables and chairs to be confirmed by venue/Mike
– Tech. to be supplied by Tim
– Mike to connect Tim with Library staff to confirm equipment Rozhen to share the draft presentation at the next board meeting
– Alex to talk to South Etobicoke News for an advert for both the Energy Homeowners event and AGM
– David to circulate Save the Date and then the registration link 2 weeks prior to the event 
1.4Membership System
– Task Group met prior to board meeting to discuss membership
– Likely moving to Strype and can have it up and running within a month
1.5Community Safety Town Hall
– Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Feb 27th at ECC
– Would be good to have MRA representation if possible 
1.6Local MRKT Events
– June 22nd is the first event 
– Tim is supporting the event Artisan market starting again in about a month, would be good to participate again
– Rozhen to confirm the budget to participate in the event 
1.7Community + Development Survey
– Tim to circulate results of the survey 
1.8Designation for 78-80, 86 Mimico Ave 
– The Buildings are sitting derelict 
– Rozhen to send a note to Amber Morley’s office inquiring about the reason for deferring the item and plans for redevelopment  
– Jim has about 60 left
– If more are required they may need to be redesigned 
– Opportunity to highlight joining the MRA and adding QR code
– Cost approx. $350, Mike to coordinate printing 
2.0Community Consultation re: development 
– Rozhen emailed contact on 2405 Lakeshore dev. sign without a response Letter regarding community consultation to be sent out after meeting 
2.1Mimico Mobility Plan
– Website has been updated to reflect the staff’s recommendations
– Rozhen to follow up on more community consultation
2.2CBC Interview
– Article and video clip to be released in the next few days
2.3NDP Oil Spill Follow up
– Rozhen met representatives and flagged concerns
– Lack of responsibility and gaps in information
– NDP asked for more clarity and have filed a Freedom of Information Request
2.4Meeting with Amber Morely
– Rozhen to reach out to Amber today for meeting request to discuss core issues 
2.5MRA Email
– Public Open House for Conservation and Infrastructure Projects
– Meeting on March 7th is anyone can attend 
2.8Open Forum
– Opinion pieces
– May be controversial to share personal opinions
– Opportunity to share “position papers”?
– Conversation to be continued next month
2.7Next Meeting March 25th 

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