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February 2022 Meeting Minutes

MRA Board Meeting Minutes (Wednesday, February 22, 2022)

  1. Approval of November 2021 Meeting Minutes

2. Mystic Pointe Residents Association—Werner Schwartz

  • Propose taking over page and encouraging current members to join before closing down

3. AGM

  • Annual report
  • Guests
  • Promoting
  • Zoom again?

4. Membership Renewal

  • Sent out a reminder last month, how has it been

5. John Cary – former president of MRA has died

  • Suggestion from former board members Mary Bella and Chris Szarka: Since John was a registered professional forester, he was very involved with green activities and especially tree planting. We would love to plant a (native) tree in one of the neighbourhood parks in his memory. He lived on Dartmouth so Memorial Park would likely be the closest / most prominent to his home. Mary would be happy to spearhead a mini gofundme campaign to pay for the tree, planting and plaque. Is this something MRA would be willing to help with by sharing in your news and Facebook? Perhaps MRA could approach Mark Grimes about sharing and/or contributing and/or permission to plant?

6. New Development Proposals in Mimco FYI

  • 266 Royal York Road
  • 2405 Lake Shore Boulevard – MLCN has asked us to support their engagement with this application.

7. Other Business

  • Toronto Lakefront Community – asking to support letter to Mayor Tory
    “I’m writing on behalf of the Toronto Lakefront Community (TLC), a grassroots organization formed in 2020 to address prolonged issues along the city’s eastern shore (from the Beaches to the Bluffs). We are reaching out to all the lakefront organizations of which we are aware, to gauge your interest in addressing these issues (raves, excessive noise, fires, overnight camping, dangerous operation of watercraft, litter, etc.) in a concerted and collaborative way in order to increase the odds of meaningful political engagement and response.“

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