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February 2021 Meeting Minutes

MRA Board Meeting Notes

Wednesday, February 17 2021

19:30 – 20:30


Board members: Tim Ellis, John Homsy, Michael Majeski, Heather Mak, Adam Matheson, Emma Park, James Stack

Incumbent board member(s): Lauren Facto

Guests: Kevin



  1. Quorum and Meeting Opening
    • Mike
  2. Approval of Jan 2021 Meeting Minutes 
    • Motion: Mike, Seconded: Emma
  3. Annual General Meeting (AGM) 
    • Agenda (emailed) – ALL  
      1. Call to order
      2. Intro and Housekeeping – Mike
      3. Quorum (at least 9 eligible voting members) and Registration of Proxies
      4. Agenda:
        1. Welcome and introductions
        2. Approval of 2019 – 2020 AGM Minutes: No official AGM was held, we will consider adding a note in here for disclosure
        3.  Reports:
          • President’s Report – Mike to complete and send by end of February
          • Treasurer’s Report – Emma – this year we have a loss on the books, also indicated the number of members (Adam to provide an updated number); Emma to prep full report for end of Feb
          • Secretary’s Report – James – To be completed for the end of February
          • Nominating Committee Report – Adam to complete
            1. Election of Directors
            2. By-Law Amendment, if required for virtual AGMs (not required – wording is general enough)
            3. Next AGM Date
            4. New Business
            5. Termination of the meeting, Following the AGM, Councillor Mark Grimes and Christine Hogarth MPP will speak.
            6.  Election of Directors
      5. Date Confirmation – Tim
        1. Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021 (TBC)
      6.  Questions for Hogarth and Grimes – ALL
          • We will have questions addressed at the meeting regarding key themes over 2020 and then open up Q&A to our members
      7. Metrolinx – Adam
          • Did not contact as Hogarth committed to AGM
      8. Tech for the AGM
          • Will be hosting through Zoom, Tim to use his account
          • Consider hosting a trial run to ensure tech is working, will coordinate with our guest speakers
  1. Membership Discussion – Adam’s Online Tool – ALL  
    • No issues to discuss
  2. Affordable Housing – ALL  
    • Mike was unable to get on the call because of their tech, it was rescheduled for tonight
  3. Door to Door Recruitment – Mike
    • Mike will be going door to door in February for his real estate business, would like to add in a “by the way” and provide information on the MRA, the AGM, and reasons why they may consider joining as members
    • Mike will write the marketing piece and print it
    • No objections from the board on pursuing this activity
  4. Other Business – ALL  
    • March Q1 Newsletter to be focused on the AGM and the reports with a summary of 2020
  5. Next Meeting TBD – ALL  
    • Wednesday 17th , 2021 at 19:30




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