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February 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

MRA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday Feb 19, 2020

7:30pm at Deb’s House

Attendance: Chris, Kate, John, Heather, Deb, Emma, Mike, Mostafa, Jackie, Tim, Deborah, Leanne
Regrets: Joe, Anne, Bri, Tim, Adam

1) Quorum and meeting opening 7:35

2) Approval of November Minutes Motion: Deb; Seconded Leanne

3) AGM Planning
• Mimico Library booked Thursday March 26 7:00-9:30.
• 7:00 – 7:15 Setup
• 7:15 – 7:30 Members Arrive, Renew Membership
• Adam to lead membership drive and John to support, bring additional laptop
• 7:30 – 8:10 AGM
• 8:10 – 9 Guest Speakers – Grimes / Hogarth
• Publicity: e-news, Facebook event, Grimes’ social media, send to Hogarth e-news, James Maloney, Guardian
• Amp and Mic – Chris
• MRA Banner – Chris
• Print QR code to AGM materials – Adam
• Print 30 Copies of Reports
• Sponsor Rustic Social House providing snacks – Heather
• Mike to provide coffee, cream and sugar
• AGM Reports (due by Mar 13): President, Treasurer, Motion for Nominating Committee- Kate
• Due March 13
• Q&A- tentatively Chris to Chair.
• Adam to live-stream

Speakers will be provided with topics in advance to prepare
• Christie redevelopment
• Traffic safety
• Education/strike
• Go Train underpass Blue Goose, redevelopment of Mimico Go

4) Pollinator Grant and Eco Schools Planning Update – Kate
• Funding agreement has now been signed with a targeted planting in the spring. David Hornell has worked with Gillian Leitch to plan the gardens and educational components.
• Kate will reach out to coordinate MRA event in the coming months.

5) Mimico Traffic Study Update – Kate
• MRA has heard back from Grimes’ office they are expecting a public consultation on the Mimico Comprehensive Study in Spring/Summer 2020
• MRA will keep residents updated as the consultation timing is finalized.

6) Update on Stakeholder Meeting: Park Lawn Lake Shore Transportation Master Plan & Christie’s Planning Study – James and Mike

• Multiple stakeholders attended the meeting with diverse views.
• Go train will happen at the Christie site with the TTC Humber loop being relocated into the development
• This is a 20-year project.
• Much of the discussions were kept at a high level and certain key aspects were not discussed (eg: additional infrastructure, additional schools etc.)

7) Next board meeting date & location: April 8 @ Mike Majeski’s house

8) Review MRA Key Functions and Tasks
• The board discussed succession planning as well as identified possible leads on various initiatives.

9) Road Mural Project
• Partner with the city to create a temporary road mural event. There is funding available with the city
• Deadline for filing a notice of interest- March 12; unanimously approved by the Board to file the notice of interest.
• Tim will lead this project

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