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February 2019 Board meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

7:30pm at Adam’s House

Present: Chris, Leanne, Adam, Deb, Kent, Kate, John, Heather, Bri

Regrets: Anne, Leigh


1)    Quorum and meeting opening

2)    Introductions and welcome to prospective board members

3)    Approval of Jan Minutes; Motion by Kent; Seconded by Deb; Approved

4)    AGM Planning Update

·         Mimico Library booked Thursday March 21 7:00-9:30.

o   7:00 – 7:15 Setup

o   7:15 – 7:30 Members Arrive, Renew Membership

o   7:30 – 8:10 AGM

o   8:10 – 9 Speakers – Grimes / Hogarth

·         First 45 minutes will be AGM. Second half will be guest speakers: Councilor Mark Grimes ; MPP Christine Hogarth

·         Publicity will consist of e-news Facebook (MRA page and local Facebook groups), promoted via Grimes’ social media, send to Hogarth e-news, James Maloney, promoted advertising, real estate agents media sites, Guardian

·         Deb to pick up amp and mic from L&M on the day of AGM

·         Possible questions for Grimes:

o   Update on traffic study on Mimico

o   Affordable green space

·         Christine Hogarth:

o   VanDyk redevelopment

o   Metrolinx fare reduction status, fare harmonization

o   Affordable housing

·         QR code- Adam will print

·         AGM Reports (due by Mar 13)

President, Secretary, Treasurer, Nominating Committee

·         Print 30 Copies of Reports-Leanne

·         Jimmy’s Coffee sponsoring coffee.  Tim to coordinate coffee & snacks


5)    MRA Portable Banner update – Anne/Adam

·         Carry forward.

·         Deb – to ask her contacts for recommendations on printing company


6)    Mimico Waterfront Cleanup – Saturday Apr 27,2019

·         Leanne and Heather to coordinate

·         Sponsored Laura Giraudy


7)    Lakeshore Leaders Forum – Update

·         Bri attended the meeting and provided a summary- there were a few groups from the northern part of ward 6. Key topics were densification, north/south transit.

·         Next town hall will be on “complete communities” and impact of densification on areas

·         Decision whether to attend will be when next meeting is announced


8)    Air Cadets Invitation to Community Orgs to present their work Thurs, Feb 21 7 to 9 pm – Anne

·         Anne and Joe will attend. Anne to prepare short presentation.


9)    Membership Month & FB Post Boosting update – Adam

·         Update on membership month – campaign yielded 6 new memberships and 13 renewals


10) Next board meeting date & location – Wed Apr 3 @ Leanne’s house


11) Other business


·         MAS Advise- Kate provided summary of her meeting with MAS representative

·         It sounds as though MAS can assist with strategic planning should MRA wish to use their services in the future.  Cost would be minimal (they ask only for a nominal donation if an organization is able to do so).

·         This will be a discussion for the new Board.

1 thought on “February 2019 Board meeting minutes”

  1. As there are so many dogs in the Park Lawn and Lakeshore area I think it would be great to have an off- leash park on the west side of the Mimico Creek right behind the condo buildings at 2220 lakeshore blvd west. Currently there isn’t an off leash park on the north side of Lakeshore Blvd. so people are letting their dogs off leash by the creek which is not only against the by laws but people are not picking up after their dogs and as dog poop can be toxic it is a danger to our environment.

    Thanks for all your hard work in helping make Mimico a great place to live.

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