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Our Posting Policy

Mimico Residents Association (MRA) posts on our online Community Calendar and on our Facebook page, not-for-profit events, community or City meetings, fundraisers, as well as information from our political representatives in or pertaining to Mimico and the neighbouring communities (Humber Bay Shores, New Toronto, Long Branch), provided that they are positive, productive and inclusive in principle and content.

Community organizations and local government or provincial or federal offices may notify the Mimico Residents Association of their events via email at The MRA is not responsible for researching and publicizing all area events or notices  – we rely on the community to share information with us.

Posting an event or notice does not  imply endorsement. The MRA is not responsible for the accuracy of the information we receive and post. The MRA Board reserves the right to refuse to post an event or notice.

It is most convenient (and most likely to be posted quickly and effectively) if you email your information to in the following format:

Title of event
Followed by a brief paragraph describing the event with  relevant details such as presenter’s name, beneficiary of funds raised etc.
If possible, please include a digital JPG image of your event poster or flyer less than 1000 pixels in width.

The MRA Email Newsletter (emailed to our mailing list once or twice a month, and posted on our website) does not include every event on the MRA Community Calendar, but generally includes MRA and/or Mimico-specific events.