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Development Applications in Mimico – Feb 2023

By John Stephenson, Member of the Mimico Residents Association Board

The MRA Board encourages all residents to engage with the various real estate developments proposed or underway in the Mimico community. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, new resident or long-standing resident, your voice matters.

This short article is written for those wishing to engage with any of the several major development applications for Mimico currently under review by City staff, or at least to help know how to engage should that civic-minded desire ever come over you.

Major Developments in Mimico

We define a major development as over 100 residential units.  We have listed eight (8) such development applications outlined on our website at  Many of these applicants are planning to build more than 100 residential units. 

Ways To Engage as Residents

  • Offer your Comments to the City – The City of Toronto has an existing process to capture community feedback, which can be accessed through the links posted under each development project on our MRA website – for example, the 2256 Lakeshore Blvd West discussion forum here).  These forums can also be accessed on the City of Toronto website, under City Government, Planning and Development.
  • Phone or Email your City Councillor – Mimico is part of Ward 4, Etobicoke-Lakeshore, and served by Councillor Amber Morley, whose contact information can be found here.
  • Join the Public Consultations – Check out the current consultations here.  For instance, there is an ongoing Christie’s Planning Study you can subscribe to for updates.
  • Write to the City of Toronto here – Contact.
  • Connect with Your Neighbours and Community Groups – Share your thoughts with community members and find like-minded people. Check out our Development Projects page to learn more.
  • You can also email us at with any questions. 

Areas for Your Consideration

Many issues regarding the impact of significant developments in Mimico are relevant to residents. For instance, you may wish to consider how a proposed development affects the Mimico community, what benefits it can yield to the community, or how each proposal seeks to address issues of increased traffic, building density, affordable housing, and environmental concerns.  You may also express other considerations you feel are important to raise to the City and/or the developer.  

Resourcing Your Engagement

The MRA is here as a resource to help residents learn about developments before they are finalized, participate in decisions about what local amenities to advocate for, connect with others with joint concerns, or just learn more about the key development trends in our neighbourhoods. 

We also maintain a website, a Facebook page, and an Instagram account and publish a regular newsletter to keep you informed on such Development Projects. 

You may also participate in our activities by joining the MRA.  To join, go to the Members tab on our website, We look forward to meeting you.