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December 2016 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for MRA Board of Directors meeting
Tuesday December 6, 2016

Meeting held at the home of JoAnne M. at 7:30 pm.
Guest: Korice, Kent, Mark Grimes and Daniel
Present: John, Chris, Leanne, Lesley, Deb, Dana, Mary, JoAnne
Regrets: Kyra and Daniel

  1. As Quorum was present Chris opened the meeting at 7:36 PM.
  1. Welcome Mark Grimes. Mark responded to a number of questions – details below.
  1. Update on Mimico Judson Secondary Plan.
    • There are currently 11 challenges/appeals to the Mimico/Judson Secondary Plan. The city has the resources (planners and legal) to defend the plan.
    • The community can submit letters to the City supporting the secondary plan.
    • MLCN has indicated they intend to be a Party at these OMB hearings.
  1. Toronto Parks and Rec programs at John English are Free and therefore always full. What is the City doing to prevent this from recurring in 2017?
    • Mark motioned the City to find a way to ensure that programs at John English are available to Ward 6 residents. City is trying to make the services inclusive so no change is planned to the policy of Free Programming.
    • John English courses now have their attendance monitored. If you miss 2 classes in a row you are removed from the class.
  1. Traffic concerns in Mimico. Is there a need for more current studies? Some areas of specific concern: Mimico Ave, Cavell, Superior, Manitoba (Grand and Legion).
    • No clear answer on how to move forward with traffic concerns.
    • Many traffic complaints are brought forward to Marks office. Speed bumps on Mimico Ave are not allowed because of the TTC using this road.  Adding more stop signs is not always a solution as if a sign is in the wrong place people don’t stop at them – making it more dangerous.
  1. South Mimico Trail & Bonar Creek Storm Water Management Facility.
    • City has arranged with developers to build the trail on the east side of the creek from QEW to LSBW. Southern portion of work to develop the trail will start soon (spring?).  Looking for $ from Metrolinx to develop a tunnel under tracks
    • Mark is focused on building walking connection along south side of tracks from Park Lawn Rd to Harbourview Cres
  1. Wesley Mimico United Church building – To become a Montessori School
    • Roof is currently off the building and replacement of the roof appears halted
    • City staff assured the MRA that the plastic on the building roof provides adequate protection for the winter.
  1. Approval of November MRA Board of Directors minutes. Revision to November minutes to include that Mary will be stepping down at the 2017 AGM. Mary moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Deb.  All in favor, motioned passed.
  1. Scroll from Mark. Action- Mary to post a picture of the scroll to MRA Facebook.
  1. AGM Planning
    Date: March Thursday 30thVenue: Action:  Lesley will ask Mark if he can get the City to book either Store Front Humber or the Library for this event. Guest Speakers: Action: Chris to ask Peter Milczn to speak about the OMB
  1. TLC would like to present to the MRA as well as the community about crime hotspots.
    Postpone until January 2017.  Action: Lesley to ask Daniel to arrange with the TLC to attend a board meeting in the New Year
  1. Next board meeting date – Tues Jan 10th. Lesley to host.

Mary moved to close the meeting, seconded by Lesley.  Meeting terminated at 9:46 PM

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