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Payments & Donations

New Members: If you have not already done so, please fill out the Member Form before paying your Member Fees.
Renewals: Membership Expiry Date is January 1st. Please email to check your year of expiry.

PAY your Membership Fee Online

No PayPal account required.
1 Year Renewals/Memberships submitted between:

  • Jan 1 – Jun 30 expire the upcoming January 1 (Example: Jun 2019 Purchase expires Jan 2020)
  • Jul 1 – Dec 31 expire the following January 1 (Example: Jul 2019 Purchase expires Jan 2021)

Similar rules apply for 2 and 5 year memberships.

Household MRA membership (select number of years)
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PLEASE DONATE to Mimico Residents Association

Be a “Friend of the MRA”: We need both Member Fees and Donations to remain an active, vital and sustainable organization in our community. Membership Fees do not currently cover all our expenses. Expenses include insurance, bank and post box fees, photocopying, public meeting space rental and supplies for events and meetings.

Please consider making a donation to the Mimico Residents Association:

  • Online donations can be made by clicking the Donate button at right, then entering donation amount in the PayPal window
  • Cheques should be mailed to: Mimico Residents Assocation, 2408 Lake Shore Blvd. W., P.O. Box 14010, Toronto, ON M8V 4A2

The MRA reserves the right to refuse & refund donations from certain businesses due to conflicts of interest.

Please note: The MRA is a Non-Profit organization, but not a Registered Charity, so we can not issue charitable donation receipts.