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April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Name and Number/Purpose:April 2023 Board Meeting 
Project Number and Name:Mimico Residents Association 
Date of Meeting:April 20, 2023Time of Meeting (Start and End):7:30-9:00 pm
Location of Meeting:Microsoft Teams
Meeting Chairperson:Rozhen (President)Meeting Minutes Prepared By:Lauren (Secretary)

Date Meeting Minutes Distributed:
April 20, 2023Date of Next Meeting:TBD 


Attendee NamePresent RegretsDistribution
Rozhen AsraniXX
Emma ParkXX
Mike MajestiXX
Alex CameronXX
Don HendersonXX
Jim FosterXX
Sara Da SilvaXX
Shreya PatelXX
David ThornleyXX
Lauren FactoXX
Item #Discussion/Action Item
1.0Introduction (All) – Introductions to new board members
2.0Goals (Rozhen)
2.1 Defining goals for 2023 
– Update website to include blog section with commenting section
– Sending out regular newsletters 
– MLCN has a lot of information on development, no need to duplicate the work. 
– Option for a survey to identify a “development wish list”
– Lauren and Don to connect with MLCN 
2.4Revenue Targets
– Emma to determine target and report back
– Options for revenue production: Sell merch, increase membership, events, etc.
2.5Building Alliances (RAs and BIAs)
– Not necessarily a goal but a tactic to accomplish goals 
– Some relationships already exist- to be further nurtured
– Opportunity to create strength in numbers for political and social pull
2.6Economic Development
– Sara is interested in pursuing an economic development goal 
– Ideas to promote and attract development/businesses to Mimico
– Opportunity to collaborate with the BIA 
3.0Roles and Responsibilities (Informal)
3.1 Social Media 
– Facebook – Don to take over  
– Instagram – Lauren to continue
– To be confirmed if David would like to continue
– Alex can assist
3.3Email Management 
– Shreya to monitor/distribute emails min. once per week
– Jim to continue & Alex can assist
– Alex to help Emma modernize the system
– Emma to transition responsibility to Sara.
4.0Board Positions (Formal)
4.1Secretary – Lauren to continue
4.2Treasurer – Emma to continue
4.3Vice President – Mike to continue
4.4President – Rozhen to continue 
5.0Upcoming Events
5.1Spring Clean Up
– Mike to spearhead event.
– Opportunity to incorporate ideas from AGM (change clean-up location from Amos Waites, multiple locations, etc.)
– Mike to brainstorm and send out the event date by next week (April 25th
5.2 Mimico Market
– Tim is spearheading the market initiative 
– Next Market – in May 
5.3Mayoral Debate
– Tim spearheading the mayoral debate setup
6.0Next Meeting
6.1Rozhen to poll group for availability for May:
– Virtual board meetings
– In-person social meet-up 

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