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April 2022 Meeting Minutes

MRA Board Meeting (April 5th, 2022, at 8pm)

In Attendance: Rozhen, Tim, Emma, Lauren, David, Neil, Mike, John

Regrets: Phillip, Jim

  1. Quick introductions (5  min)
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes (2 min)
    • Emma shared previous meetings minutes (from Feb)
    • Neil moved to approve, John seconded, APPROVED
  3. Ongoing projects updates (10 min)
    • Cleanup in the park
      • Earth Day weekend  (Apri 22-24)
      • Approved by city
      • Next steps?
      • John offered to help lead on this
      • Mike noted that Royal LaPaige (Angela and Laura Giardi (sp?) used to help sponsor tihs
      • Tim to send round an email to John and Mike
    • Mimico Pet Mayor
      • Nominations open May 2nd, close in August
      • Next steps: post nomination form on website and spread the word
    • Wednesday Wisdom
      • Collaboration with Mimico By The Lake BIA
      • Permit tentatively approved – more paperwork (so much paperwork)
      • First event – Wednesday June 29th
  4. New projects discussion  (20 min)
    • Halloween Dance – proceed to keep options open
      • Tim to look for old logistics documents 
      • Rozhen offered to take on leading on this effort
    • Community events tabling?
      • Team to monitor for any events and discuss via email
    • Summer GLB event?
      • Tim to lead on creating
    • Provincial Election town hall?
      • David, Neil and Tim to connect to plan
    • Municipal Election town hall?
      • Revisit as we get closer
    • Work with Mimico BIA on a local business safari or a similar way to spotlight the local businesses
      • Rozhen is interested in exploring the idea and connecting with Mimico by the Lake BIA
      • Tim to email and connect
  5. Selection of officers and ongoing roles (15 min)
    • President – Rozhen
    • VP – Mike
    • Secretary – Lauren
    • Treasurer – Emma
    • Membership – Neil
    • Newsletter – Jim & Neil
    • Email (inbox) – John offered to handle the inbox
      • Emma to pass on the login information 
    • Website – Jim & David
    • Social media – Lauren
      • Tim to make Lauren an admin
      • Emma to reach out to Adam to resolve 2FA
  6. Presentation from MLCN (10 min)
    • Developments in Mimico
      • 2405-2417 Lakeshore development proposal
        • 2415 is Birds and Beans
        • The proposal is 33 stories between trail and lakeshore, ten stories on Lake Shore itself, plus a 9-story podium.
        • It’s unclear what the plans mean for Amos Waites park and Mimico Square – this looks likely to deny easy access to the park (a previous priority for MRA)
        • The proposed land transfer between the developer and the city may directly affect the park.
        • Includes a permanent wraparound road running from the lake up to superior and will bulldoze 2 & 4 Superior and the Valu Mart grocery store. Will also impact the waterfront trail.
        • Includes 476 parking spaces
        • Councillor Grimes indicated he was “shocked” to see the application come in.
        • There are allowances for development in Mimico By The Lake Secondary Plan, but this exceeds them.
        • There was no mention of affordable housing.
      • Royal York road widening plan has also been mentioned in several development applications – MLCN is looking to find out more, and it’s important that it happens prior to Mimico Triangle being developed.
      • Mimico GO station rail safety concerns also factor in – we’re unsure if they will meet the goal of being accessible by 2023
      • MLCN proposed discussing a plan for a united approach to this development in the community to ensure the park is protected
    • John to visit the next MLCN meeting to keep posted; Les and Angela will share their presentation with us.
      • Tim to connect John and Les
  7. Other business (5 min)
    • Accident at Lake Shore and Superior
      • There is a GoFundMe for the mother of three who was killed
      • Mike to pass that along, and we can do a shared post to support
    • Phillip’s Billboard offer – 520 Kipling
      • Tim to follow up – affirm that we’re interested, find out what we need to make it happen.
    • Feb city council: Grimes passed a motion to finally evict ML Ready Mix at the end of June
      • Keep an eye on it over the next few months to ensure it stays on schedule
    • Project proposed by the city on the Queensway (Royal York to Windermere) to make it more friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. The budget is proposed for the coming weeks – a good opportunity to let the Councillor know about your support for it if you support it.

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