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April 2021 Meeting Minutes

MRA Board Meeting Notes

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

19:30 – 20:20

Attendees (virtually)

Michael Majeski, President; Adam Matheson, Vice-President; Emma Park, Treasurer; James Stack, Secretary; Tim Ellis; Lauren Facto; John Stephenson; Neil Arcot


  1. AGM Follow up
    • Liability insurance renewal – we determined we need the insurance for this calendar year (given we are hopeful of hosting an event later this year) and will also receive quotes from other providers. Emma to look into this further and will provide an update next meeting
  2. AGM Question – Zsuzanna Lichner – Adam
    • Asking if we can broker a meeting between Councilor Holiday (as Grimes has recused himself given conflict of interest) and residents
    • John to draft the email, Adam will send from the MRA’s official email address
  3. Membership Issues with Lockdown – Mike
    • Not allowed to go door to door right now because of lockdown
    • Will begin pushing MRA membership when we open back up
  4. Toronto Community Bikeways Coalition Bike Lane Extension in Bloor West – All
    • Mike to respond, will ask for more information
    • Board has come to an agreement that we would support bike lanes on Bloor west
    • It is not directly in Mimico but these lanes provide a connection to Royal York which provides benefits to our residents
  5. Newsletter Updates – Queens Ave Parkette – Mike
    • Will provide an update in our newsletter with regards to the park refresh at Queens Ave
  6. Climate Town Hall – Tim & John to discuss at 8PM
    • Plans are underway – town hall date is being positioned for mid-May, exact date to follow
    • We will invite two MPs in our area (Maloney & Baker) to address climate change and the government’s efforts
    • Providing a platform for residents to ask questions and provide feedback
  7. Other Business – ALL
    • Keep our eyes posted for vaccine clinics in Mimico
    • James to draft Newsletter to be presented at the next meeting and then published
  8. New members areas of interest
    • Lauren interested in real estate development, will keep an eye on VanDyk development. Will provide updates for the newsletter and for our board meetings
    • John – climate change issues and writing correspondence
    • Neil – Bicycle initiatives and road safety
  9. Next Meeting TBD – ALL
    • Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 @ 19:30

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