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April 2015 MRA Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes – MRA Board of Directors meeting
Tuesday April 14, 2015
Meeting at the home of Mary Bella @ 7:30 pm.

Present: John, Mary, Leslie, Joanne C, Chris M., Dana, Mike H., Michael Colvin, Aaron, JoAnne M. and guests Maureen Henderson and David Pritchard from the Lakeshore BIA.

Regrets: Kyra, Daniel.

As a quorum was present, John opened the meeting at 7:40 pm.

  1. The March 3rd, 2015 meeting minutes were approved.
  2. John proposed a motion that appoints Michael Colvin as a director of the MRA Board, seconded by Leslie. Motion passed. His directorship will be formalized at the 2016 AGM.
  3. Mimico Hall/Store Front Humber discussion with guest David Pritchard and Maureen Henderson. A Store Front Humber Inc. meeting is scheduled for Friday April 17th. John, Michael C and Mary will attend. City planning knows nothing about the extension to SFH. The building department has informed John that the community has no say in what is happening to SFH. David Pritchard discussed his previous involvement with the city and SFH director. David has also supplied a list of options/programs to Mr. Grimes for SFH use in the past. The question should be “How can SFH/Mimico Hall be used by all the residents of the community? Three different building owners have offered three different (local) office spaces that have been declined by SFH ED Mary Hansen. Action: 1) Discuss the SFH issue at the Town Hall April 16/15, followed by a mailed letter regarding the community’s ongoing concerns about the use of SFH. This would be a combined package from the MRA & BIA and go to Mayor Tory. 2) Go to the media about the issue. 3) Michael C to contact city leasing department regarding the lease renewal for SFH. 4) John to send Letter to Councillor Grimes informing him that the BIA & MRA are requesting a meeting to begin discussion on the lease renewal for SFH that expands services and is inclusive and accessible for all the demographics of Mimico.
  4. Update on 2313 and 2323 Lake Shore Boulevard West –-Zoning By-law Amendment Application. LPC was challenging secondary plan. The City upheld the Mimico secondary plan.
  5. ML update. Residents of Judson and Harold St attended the MOE tribunal hearing today. MLRM’s lawyer will be presenting his case later this week.
  6. Party in the Park- June 16, 2015.
    PITP will need a driver to pick up food, equipment etc. The MRA will provide a driver
    We will selling juice boxes and ring pops. Joanne C has looked into having an ice cream truck at the event. The board was supportive of the idea. The ice cream vendor will possibly give the MRA 15% of the sales which we will donate to PITP. Action: Joanne C will secure the ice cream vendor. JoAnne & Joanne C will provide Dana with an estimate on funds required to purchase the juice boxes and ring pops.
  7. New/other business: No new business was brought forward.
  8. Next meeting date will be on Tuesday May 5, 2015 @ 7:30 pm @ Aaron’s home.
  9. The meeting was terminated @ 9:18 pm.

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