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November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Nov MRA Meeting Minutes (Nov 17, 2021):

Attendees: Adam Matheson; Michael Majeski; Emma Park; James Stack; John Stephenson; Mostafa Shaheen; Neil Arcot, Tim Ellis; Lauren Facto; Phil Stainton; guest Alex Cameron

  1. Approval of October 2021 Meeting Minutes
    • Approved by Emma, seconded by Neil, unanimous approval
  2. Website issue – Adam
    • Has been addressed and is now functioning properly
    • Board to consider a revamp of the website 
  3. Nominating Committee/Board recruitment – All
    • Adam to work with Neil to put out a mailer looking to recruit new board members
  4. Mimico Pet Election Proposal – Tim
    • Residents submit photos of their pets, they are posted to our website, voting ensues, and we have an honorary Pet Mayor
    • Adam first, Philip second, unanimous approval
  5. Wisdom Wednesday – Tim
    • Host a gathering on Wednesdays in the summer where people can speak and share their thoughts at Mimico Square
    • The board likes the idea and will support it
  6. Vandyk – Tim
    • Concerns on density, affordability, and environmental impact of the development 
    • Tim will be bringing the climate perspective to a meeting with Vandyk through another community association he is affiliated with and asking questions on how they will address climate concerns in their development
    • Mostafa first, Lauren second, unanimous approval
  7. Traffic Study – Any update from Grimes since the March 9 meeting?
    • Mostafa to follow up with Grimes and the city to understand where we are at 
  8. Who can attend MRA Board Meetings? – Mostafa
    • Technically anyone can attend board meetings based on our charter
  9. December recess – Adam
    • Tim first, Mostafa second, unanimous approval
  10. Other Business
  11. Next Meeting 

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